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Buy a personalised video message from Teesside's Top Dog ... Mikey D!


Some words from Mikey below ....


"Ere, 25 snots is nowt to a luxury offshore worker, I probably wouldn't even talk to half of these doyles in Dickins or Manjiros so if they want me to do a message for them then I want some coin (no crypto) ... you know the dance"


Fill out the info section and Ted will send you a link to download Mikey's video from. 

If you can't fit all your notes in the info section you can email it all over to 


Please note: Video's can take upto 10 days cos Mikey might be 4 on / 4 off .... so book early! 



Mikey D Video Message

  • No refunds on this video message. 

  • The message will be sent via email or a link from will be sent to you (if the file is too big). Simply click and download the video. 

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